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World Culture Fair 2015: Family Heritage Projects


As a class we will be studying our Family Heritages throughout Quarter FOUR in preparation for the World Culture Fair in May.

CHECK IN DATES: April , April , May 2nd

Point Total: 110 points

START WITH: (20 points) Family Tree (Self, Brothers, Sisters,  Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Great Grandparents etc. go as far back as you can go with the help of your family)


Project needs to include at least four (4) of the following: (20 points)

  • Photos of Family (Young and Old)
  • Maps of where family lives currently,  and in the past
  • Jobs/ Trades that family has worked as, or started.
  • Foods (Think of recipes passed down)
  • Heirlooms (Treasures that are priceless, and have great meaning to your family)
  • Religion
  • Poetry, Books, Stories, Letters, Artwork
  • Education
  • Holidays Celebrated
  • Original Reason for moving to the United States (Examples: Job, Family,…)
  • Where did your ancestors enter the U.S.? (Examples: Ellis Island, Original Colonist, West Coast)

Name of Country(-ies) of Origin: (15 points).

End With:  (20points)

  • Autobiographical Poem  that ties together your history and future. (Template attached)


Final Project Format Choices: (5 points)

  • Two Page Written (Neat Handwriting, or Typed Double Space 12 pt. Font)  Report with Visuals
  • Family Scrapbook
  • Tri-fold Display Board with Written Information and Visuals
  • Poster with Written Information and Visuals
  • Suitcase/ Shoebox/ Trunk Display of Family History

Check-in Due Dates: (15 points)

Presentation to Classmates: (5 points)

Food Item: Brought to the Charter MPR, 5:45 May , with Typed Recipe (10 points)